Future You 

Future You is an ongoing collaborative art project between  Los Angeles-based writer Nada Alic and artist Andrea Nakhla. Their most recent peice is a short animated film entitled “The Trick” 

“Full of wit and humour, The Trick guides the viewer on a journey through modern manners. Think of it as a playful, animated, and knowing chat with the most hippy-dippy friend of yours, and you’ll be halfway there.

A gloriously loose interpretation of the sort of self-help spiritualism that seems so prevalent in certain sections of Los Angeles – where both Nada and Andrea currently live and work – The Trick is as charming as it is tongue-in-cheek.“   

-It’s Nice That

Issue No. 2

A follow up to their 2014 debut, this collection explores the internal landscape of six different characters who are really trying to get this whole life thing right. (Spoiler: they don’t!) Each character constructs their own coping mechanisms against such enduring and universally recognized trauma as: the beginning, middle and end of love. Such mechanisms include activities like: dance, spirituality, nudity, secrets, lucid dreaming and online chatrooms.

At it’s core, Future You is an examination into all of our most tender parts: the parts most often rejected, most readily discarded, most easily substituted for a ¯_(ツ)_/¯ attitude towards life. In almost-painful contrast, all of the characters of Future You share an uninhibited desire to belong, to be loved, and to be seen.

Issue No. 1


© Andrea Nakhla 2019